How to Excel at Being a Home Worker

Be a top tier worker in these brave new times by following these excellent home worker tips


Basic Requirements

  • Your Device

    To work from home, you’ll need your own device. It can be a desktop, laptop, phone, or a tablet.

  • Your Internet

    Internet is essential for your work to reach the outside world. You’ll need consistent, fast internet.

  • Your Workspace

    Make sure you have the proper workplace essentials. Things like office chairs, desks, and stationery.

  • Your Environment

    Are you working in a noisy room with distractions? It’ll be better to find a quiet place to work.

Daily Worker Routine

  • Get Up Early

    Don’t let work from home make you sluggish. Always wake up early like you normally would.

  • Take a Shower

    Get in the shower early to refresh your mind and body. You’ll be refreshed for the rest of the day.

  • Get Dressed

    Put on some formal or semi casual work clothes. You’ll need them for video calls and conferencing.

  • Take a Look at Your Schedule

    Look at what your work schedule for the day looks like. Notice any gaps in between that you can use.

  • Establish Work Items to Clear

    There will be work items that will need to get done during the day. Decide which ones you’ll do.

Interacting Professionally

  • Text or Message for Basic Communication

    Things like providing updates to coworkers or asking for basic details can be done with text or chat.

  • Use Conferencing for Urgent Matters

    When things are more urgent, you will need to talk directly to your team. That’s when you video call.

  • Talk to Your Superiors

    Your superiors will want to know work progress through the day. Keep them posted regularly.

Tips for Better Work Productivity

  • Have Lunch Breaks

    Don’t sacrifice lunch breaks just because you’re at home. Take time out of your day to eat properly.

  • Keep Your Workspace Tidy

    A messy workspace leads to a messy mind. Keep your desk area clean at all times no matter what.

  • Don’t Procrastinate

    Procrastination will worsen your productivity and your day. Avoid it as much as you possibly can.

  • Set Workplace and Home Boundaries

    Don’t mix business and personal matters together. Set boundaries for what’s home and what’s work.

  • Use Mood Music

    Having some relaxing music can really set the mood and help you focus better on the task at hand.