Daily Accountability & Progress Tracker

Use this checklist as a daily reminder to complete micro-tasks to keep yourself focused, on track and maintain your motivation.


Daily Accountability

  • A Daily Reminder of "WHY"

    Complete these small daily micro tasks to avoid procrastination, this is WHY you are following this checklist.

    To maintain momentum and focus takes daily and hourly reminders. In the same way a dog needs constant reminders to not bark or sit, we humans need constant vigilance to fight procrastination and distraction.

  • Check in with the TAO community

    Go inside the Community Feed of TAO and tell us what you are doing today to build your business.

    Let us know which training module you are working on inside TAO or simply tell us what your day looks like?

    Why do this?

    By putting pen to paper and telling others you a FAR more likely to complete the task!

  • Remove All Distraction - Takes Just A Minute!

    Everyone is distracted, especially when learning or doing something which seems challenging or a bit difficult. It is up to YOU to remove these distractions. Watch this video every day to remind yourself.

  • Tick and UNTICK

    Once you have completed these short and simple daily tasks, UNTICK them again so they are ready for tomorrow and you can do the same again.

  • [Extra] - The ONE Thing

    What is the "one thing" you want to achieve today?

    I urge you to buy this book and read/listen to it.

    Then, every single day, write down "the one thing" you are trying to achieve today/this week and get it done.

    This is the proper way to beat procrastination and increase your overall productivity heavily.


  • How To Make Money Using TAO Training
  • Your Blueprint To Passive Income & Evergreen Business
  • Honesty. Trust & Transparency
  • Compound Growth & Passive Income
  • Why TAO Was Created
  • Proof That TAO Works
  • Let’s Start The Training Now!

Success Blueprint

  • 5 Issues All Successful Marketers Struggle With
  • How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online?
  • Shiny Object Syndrome: The Cure
  • Overthinking & Fear of Failure
  • Imposter Syndrome Is Not Real
  • Blissful Ignorance Vs Arrogance
  • I Don’t Want To Read Books!
  • Thinking Its Going To Be Fast & Easy
  • The Beauty Of Passive Income
  • The True Cost Of Building An Online Business
  • Start Building Your Business Now!

Step 1 - Niche Simplicity

  • Micro Niches Explained & Passive Income
  • DFY Niche List
  • Forget About Keyword Research
  • AI’s Lightning-Fast Niche Exploration
  • What If I Choose The Wrong Niche
  • The Fallacy Of Failure
  • Let’s Choose A Niche
  • Got My Niche. Now What???

Step 2 - Rock-Solid Foundation

  • The Purpose Of Your Website
  • Choosing A Domain Name + ChatGPT Assisted
  • Your All-in-One Marketing System
  • Setting Up Domain Name
  • Setting Up Custom Email
  • Importing Website Template
  • Google Tracking
  • Certification Course
  • Moving To The Next Step

Step 3 - Choose Your Path To Success

  • Long Term Birdseye View
  • Blogging Or YouTube
  • Combining Traffic Sources
  • Moving On

Step 4 - Conversion Optimized Deployment

  • About Me Page
  • Your Homepage
  • Spam Comments Captcha
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Legal Pages & Footer
  • Favicon & Logo & Colours
  • Your Funnel Overview

Step 5 - Irresistible Lead Magnet

  • The “why” To This Process & KISS
  • Custom Lead Magnet
  • "I Chose A Different Niche!?"
  • "I Chose A Different Niche!?" - AI Magic
  • Setting Up Squeeze Page
  • Setting Up Delivery
  • The Next Move

Step 6 - Email Marketing Bootcamp

  • Your Secret Weapon - Deliverability - DKIM, SPF, and DMARC
  • First Contact Email & Delivering Lead Magnet
  • Newsletter & Scheduling Emails
  • Let’s Keep Rolling!

Step 7 - Time To Launch! Taking Things To The Next Level

  • Compound Growth
  • The Fallacy Of Failure
  • Indexing Pages
  • Generating Traffic: Blogging & YouTube Bootcamps
  • Graduating To The TAO Marketing Academy