YouTube SEO Optimization

This checklist is part of Step 11 in the TAO Action Plan and will show you the simple steps you can take to ensure your videos rank in YouTube.


Before/During Uploading Process

  • Ensure Keywords Are in Video Name
  • Write A Great Description With Keywords In Opening Line
  • Title Less Than 10 Words
  • Add Chapters To Description
  • Use Numbers
  • Use Emojis
  • Upload In HD
  • Capitalize Each New Word
  • Say The Keywords In The Opening Line Of Video
  • Include Benefits To The User
  • Researched Top Video Tags
  • Relevant Keywords Added
  • Add Video To Playlist

After Uploading

  • Review The YouTube Transcription
  • Ensure Your Keywords Are Spelt Correctly
  • Add CTAs In Your Cards
  • Add End Screen
  • Add links To Your Products And Services
  • Recommend Other Videos To Watch
  • Add and Pin Call To Action as the first comment
  • Publish Video
  • Add To Your Blog
  • Email To Your Subscribers

Thumbnail Design

  • Use Bold Colours
  • Add Benefit In Text
  • Text On Mobile Must Visible