Amember Product Setup

Setting Up Products Using Amember


Managing Products

  • Add Yourself as a User

    Hi Tash add yourself as a user

  • Listing The Product

    Go to Products - Manage Products - New Products

    Add A Title that is seen by the audience so it needs to be relevant.

    Don't add the Description in the Description field.

    Add to A Product Categories. Can add new categories by clicking edit categories.

    Billing Plan

    You can add more than one Billing Plan. Like one for Commercial and One for Extended Licence.

    If just one payment then it is the Lifetime payment plan. If recurring then choose monthly.

    Shopping Cart

    Add the product picture. Usually 2000px x 2000px

    Add the tags

    Product Description - here is where I add the product description. You can add videos here and click on the source and paste the code for the video.

    Always end the product description with

    Get instant access to "Name of the product" right now!

    Note: You will receive instant access to the "Product Name" through a pdf file in your member account once payment is complete. All sales are final.

    Meta Data

    Add the same information for a title. Add keywords and descriptions. These are needed for when people try to search for your product. Google returns the information.

  • Uploading Product Files

    Go To Protect Content

    Files - New Record

    PDF form and include hyperlink if storing in Cloud Storage or is a Canva Template - Template of PDF Here:

    Add A Title

    Access needs to be the correct product and only that product. You can add more than one product to the same file.

    Make sure to save.

  • Creating Coupons

    Used to give discounts, either for launch price, free access for the bonus.

    Products - Coupons - Coupon batch

    Coupons Usage Count 1000

    Discount either % or $ amount

    Comment: Give a title here so we know what it is.

    Select Single Coupon Code

    Coupon Code: Give a name ie ProductName10 to show $10 off

    User Coupon Usage Count: 1

    Set Dates when limited for a launch or sale period

    Use Apply to recurring when it is a discount for a membership that is a monthly payment

    Products: Select the product for the coupon, if sitewide do not select a specific product. You can also select a particular category like all calendars have 50% off.

    Can set a coupon for a particular affiliate.

  • Customizing cart and arranging products listing

    Customize the Amember shopping cart page

    Shopping Cart Page

    Payment Options: Paypal

    Enable use of coupons

    Don't include in categories

    List View

    Width and Height: 300 x 300 px

    Resize Type: Fit Width

    Background Transparent

    Detailed View

    400px x 400 px

    Cart View

    50px x 50 px

    Layout all Products List

    Manually - This is edited on the manage products page. Add the word New!

    Add To Basket

    Catalogue Layout: Two Columns

    Basket Layout: Short

  • Creating Buy Buttons

    Configuration - Buy Now Buttons

    Title: Appropriate Name linked with Product

    Path - Name the path

    Link To Product for the Buy Now Button

    Allow Coupons

    Payment system: Paypal

    Use default Sign up for form

    Sales page created in thrive themes

    Use the HTML Link and add it to the button on the sales page.

  • Adding Emails

    In this section we need to add a welcome email, telling our customers that their product is now available in their dashboard.

    Go to Protect Content. Click on E-mail Messages. Select New Product Welcome messages.

    Add a title like Welcome To Your Product Name.

    An example is in Dropbox, and down below.


    Hi there

    I’m so glad you picked up Access To Your (Name of Product). Your template/images are waiting for you right here:

    Username: %user.login%

    You created your password when you’re first signed up, if you can’t locate it, you will be able to reset it from the above link.

    Please jump right in and enjoy!


    Kerie @Dream Creative Bee


  • Adding To Email Lists

    In this section, we are adding email addresses to our lists in GetResponse.

    Log into GetResponse and click on lists and then create a list. Name the list the same as the product name.

    Now go back to Amember.

    Go to Protect Content you can select Email and then Newsletters or just select Newsletters.

    Click Refresh 3rd party lists.

    Then find the new list. Click on the edit button and give access permission to the new product.

  • Adding Affiliate Links and Banners

    In this section, we are adding information for affiliates. This can be done when the sales page is completed.

    We are using Banners, but I am not sure how to have it so all of it shows up. (Will work this out)

    Go to Affiliates and Banners and Text.

    Select Banners and new record.

    In the video, I add a category, but it doesn't need one.

    Then fill in the information. Add the image you used for the product.


  • Creating Individual Sales Pages

    Make sure you are on login into and not Amember. Although you will need both open.

    Click on pages.

    Clone one of the pages that is an item, like Cute Kawaii Images.

    Change the Title and Slug

    Click Edit with Thrive Themes,

    Edit Titles and Descriptions.

    Change the Image.

    Now we need to add the buy button

  • Create Flip Books

    First Go to Designer

    Make sure the template that you are going to create as a flipbook is in PDF format

    Click on My Projects

    Click on Add a new Project

    Click PDF to Flip Book

    Give it an appropriate name

    Drag or upload pdf

    Once uploaded click Generate FlipBook Embed Code.

    Turn Disable Download and Sharing On

    Now we need to add our flipbook to the site.

    Copy the embed code

    Go to the sales page where we are adding the flipbook,

    From the right-hand menu select + and then Custom HTML.

    Drag it out on the website and place where you want it to go.

    Paste in the Custom HTML copied from Designrr.

  • Adding Thumbnails To HomePage

    This is where we add Thumbnails to the first page of our website.

    Make sure you are logged into the website

    Go to pages on the dashboard. Look for Home - Front Page.

    Edit with Thrive

    And then add columns if you need to.

Future Plans

  • Create A Shop Page (Still To Do)

    Add submenus

  • Adding OTO Like PLR Beach
  • Blog with links (Me)
  • Courses (me)
  • Pinterest