22 Point Content Creation Checklist

This checklist will help you cover all the points you need to create a great blog post. Follow along and let your content creation flow!



  • Within Pillars Topics

    First thing to note is that your content exploration MUST be contained within the pillar topics. Be very careful not to stray off topic.

  • Idea & Brainstorm

    Sit down and brainstorm some ideas you have. You can use places like Quora or Reddit for inspiration. Or, simply put in some search queries into Google or Jaaxy to get content ideas in relation to keywords.

    Use the "Researching" tutorial to discover how to research and where to find great ideas.

  • Keyword Research

    Once you have an idea for content, start doing some keyword research around the topic. It starts by putting in the root keyword into Jaaxy. As I show you in the keyword research tutorials.

  • Structure & Planning

    Once you have your keyword, sit down and make a plan of the key points you want to cover in your article. Try and come up with the sub-headlines and the core "user intent" behind this content.

    Watch the "Creating Natural Content" tutorial to remind yourself of the "hook, intent and value".

    Also, be sure to watch the "Rich Content Structure" tutorial as well.

  • Research

    Next, head over to Google and start digging into the keyword and do some research. You can also use YouTube or any source where you can find information from other experts.

    Use the "Researching" tutorial to discover how to research and where to find great ideas.

  • Make Note Of Any External Sources You Want To Reference

    Referencing outside sources is great for hammering home your authority because it shows you have really done your homework. Be sure to remember the URLs of the sources you used. You do not need to reference every one but if you mention a certain statistic it is good to link to whoever you got the statistics from. Also, you can quote people from their blogs and link to them.

  • Finalise Structure

    Now that you have researched and you have also educated yourself more about the topic at hand. Revisit your original "Structure & Planning" and redo it as this is likely to look different after researching.

    Watch the "Creating Natural Content" tutorial to remind yourself of the "hook, intent and value".

    Also, be sure to watch the "Rich Content Structure" tutorial as well.

Content Creation

  • First Draft

    Follow the outline of your sub-headlines and write a first draft without overthinking it.


    Because this allows you to get all your internal thoughts down in a coherent form and gives you a much better "bird's eye view" of your content when you see it within the constraints of your structure.

  • Voice To Text

    If you find typing really tedious and boring. Try using voice to text software as I show you in this tutorial.

  • Read Over

    Once you have written your first draft take a break and come back and read over it with a fresh pair of eyes. Make any adjustments you feel are needed.

  • Visual Draft

    This is a "structural & vanity" draft.

    This time around you need to add bullet points, images, colored boxes and anything you can add to make the blog post visually appealing.

  • Final Read Over

    Before having a final read over, take a break and come back with fresh eyes. Sometimes you can get "snow blindness" where you know the content so well you miss spelling mistakes and glaring errors. In your mind you are reading "You're going to..." but in reality it says "Your going to...".

    Small mistakes like that creep in really fast, trist me. 🤣

Rich Content Structure

  • Rich Content Structure

    Be sure to revisit the "Rich Content Structure" tutorial to really understand why this is important for your content creation.

  • Sub Headlines

    Have you included lots of sub-headlines to break up the content so it is "scan-able" and easy to digest?

  • Lists & Bullet Points

    Are there lists and bullet points to break up the content to make it easy to follow and more valuable?

  • Internal Links

    Have you added internal links to other blog posts to add more value and improve SEO? Remember, the longer someone stays on your site the better.

  • Give Examples

    When making a point or giving your opinion, did you provide an example to back up your opinion? A case study, an outside source or a video you embedded?

  • Transformation/Personal Stories

    Did you add any personal stories or opinions to back up your thoughts in your blog post?

  • Proof/Experts/Authority

    When giving an opinion or statistics, did you reference and link to an authority page where you found the information?

  • Images

    Did you add lots of images to help visualize your paragraphs and give much more value to your users?

  • Call To Action

    Did you inject call to actions inside your content? For example, a CTA to your lead magnet, if you have one, or to other pages within your site to keep people reading?

  • SEO Check-up

    Next, you need to move on to the SEO checklist to be 100% sure you have made your blog post as SEO optimized as possible.