SEO Checklist

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is confusing to many people.

A checklist is designed to help you tick off the key areas you need to consider when employing an SEO service for your online SEO campaign.


1 Starting Your SEO Campaign

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  • Find A Quality SEO Service Provider

    Look for a service provider that keeps things simple.

    SEO can seem very complex and has a lot of moving parts.

    Is the SEO service offered simple & easy to understand?

    Look for an introduction that sets out everything very clearly.

  • Any Free Incentives To Get You Started?

    Free incentives can help you judge the quality of the service on offer.

    What is the current position with SEO and your website?

    Have you had any SEO done before on your website?

    Do the incentives help you discover more about your website from an SEO perspective?

    Will the incentives help you know where your SEO campaign will start?

  • Decide If A Website Audit Will Be Useful?

    A website audit will run an analysis of your website covering certain key areas.

    If your website score is low here, it is probably best to correct major errors first.

    Errors can make if difficult to successfully implement SEO strategy as the search engines may be penalising your website.

  • Which SEO Service(s) Do You Require?

    Consider the SEO services you may require.

    • Generate content
    • Improve Google/Bing ranking
    • Improve my site structure
    • Increase my backlinks
    • Promote my website
    • Rank for specific keywords
    • Technical SEO
    • Website audit

  • Keywords and Keyword Phrases

    If you are unsure of the keywords and keyword phrases that people search for, in order to find your service or product, this is something your SEO service provider will research.

    Good research here will help to make your SEO campaign a success.

    Some services and products are in demand but have little competition from suppliers.

    These are the ideal areas to attack first in your SEO campaign.

  • Check Your Website & Goal Conversion Stats

    Is your website and any other specific outcomes you desire at an a acceptable level of conversions?

    What are your current stats showing in terms of the number of targeted visitors compared to conversions objective.

    Align goals with your SEO service provider.

2 SEO Is An Investment In Your Brand & Business

  • Assess Current Market Position

    Providing a visual opportunity snapshot report is recommended.

    This will visually show your businesses current poor or strong position for the specific locations and services in the report, compared to the overall marketplace.

    It is one of the tools of measurement to use in a good SEO campaign.

  • SEO Campaigns Should Build Your Brand

    Content should also serve to craft a consistent and compelling story.

    One which your consumers can relate to.

  • Measure Your Starting Position

    It is a good idea to assess where your business ranks for a range of keywords and phrases that you wish to be found for.

    This will enable improvements to be measured over time

    Your SEO service provider should be able to provide this measure

  • Current Position

    Assess how many business generating keyword phrases your business is currently generating per month? 

  • Is Speed Important?

    Consider the terms of the service providers offer.

    Are they making make vague promises and possibly asking you to wait months for results that often do not align with your business goals? 

    How long before you can begin to see some evidence of results?

  • SEO Long Term Planning

    While some SEO results should be available fairly quickly, SEO is by its nature a long term project.

    Each campaign builds upon the last

    Over time, a network of results are built up to improve targeted visitors, create better quality links into your website and boost online visibility and exposure.

    Be prepared in your planning for the longer term.

  • SEO Business Expense

    SEO can normally be regarded as a relevant business expense. 

    Please check and confirm this with your own accountant or professional advisor.

    It makes sense to invest money promoting your business and growing your business, knowing it will be an expense that is fully deductible.

3 SEO Requires Quality Content

  • Existing Website Content

    Content can take many forms.

    Is your existing website content of sufficient quality to advance your SEO campaign?

    Some existing content will be suitable for promotion but over the longer term, better quality SEO optimised content will be required to make progress.

    An SEO expert will be able to advise upon this if you are unsure what this entails

  • Content & Engagement

    Consider how well your website offers engage your website visitors.

    Are improvements needed to see the full benefits of an SEO campaign?

  • Promotional Content

    Your SEO service provider will as part of the SEO package, agree to provide suitable promotional content for your SEO campaign.

    Ensure such content is part of the service offered.

    Some service providers agree only to provide keywords or keyword phrases as back links for your website.

  • Prices

    Pricing for SEO services does vary, based upon the specific services required or recommended

    Typical pricing for keywords might average something like this

    £250 10 keywords

    £350 20 keywords

    £500 40 keywords

    Other services will often be charged as extra

    Website SEO optimised content, is generally charged for additionally, per piece of content.

    See following point for tiered SEO service packages and prices

  • Tiered Service Offerings Are Best

    Some SEO service providers will offer tiered service packages.

    For example

    Bronze -£247 p.m. - lowest level campaign package. Used for businesses in less competitive locations and niches. The campaigns are the slowest and cover a limited number of destinations

    Silver - £647 p.m. - mid range level campaign package. Used for businesses in more competitive locations and niches. These campaigns are quicker and go to a larger number of destinations.

    Gold - £1997 p.m. or £2497 for a single campaign. Used for businesses that wish to make an impact quickly in their marketplace. These campaigns go to top tier web properties and are not available anywhere else.

    These are web properties with millions of unique visitors per month and domain authorities of 90+. This means these web properties have the top levels of trust available today. Using Gold level campaigns is ideal for businesses, professionals, coaches and people who wish to build a strong credible brand, as well as an expert status or specialist reputation.

    Results are often very quick and can be a soon as within 48 hours.

    Every business that can afford to do so, should run at least one Gold campaign to massively boost their overall SEO results.

    Combinations of each tier can be used where required and these type of tiered packages offer the most flexibility and best optimisation of SEO results.

4 Bespoke SEO Tailored To Your Specific Business

  • Bespoke Packages

    Each business is different and so the SEO requirements will be unique to each specific business.

    Ensure a tailor made package is provided.

    One that will suit your business goals and objectives.

  • Find Gold

    Many people think about SEO and promoting their whole website all at once.

    Think about the solutions you provide or the products you have that will attract people.

    Begin by focusing upon the top 20% of your most profitable services or products.

    Ideally grade these in order of priority, based upon existing levels of SEO competition in the marketplace.

  • Checklist Boxes All Ticked?

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