Attract New Customers - Giveaway Event Checklist!

“Giving stuff away for free! It will bankrupt my business!”

"It's actually the opposite!"

Discover the secrets of running a profitable Giveaway Event

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Is A Giveaway Event The Right Promotion For Your Business?

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  • I Cannot Afford to Give Stuff Away. I Will Go Bankrupt!

    Many business owners hear the idea of a Giveaway Event and think this to themselves

    This is probably the exact opposite of what a well created Giveaway Event will do for your business.

    ‘Some of the top brands in the world run very attractive Giveaway Events. They do not do it because it costs them money. They run Giveaway Events because they are very profitable!’

    This could be your opportunity to join them, with a Giveaway Event designed specifically for your small or medium sized businesses and with an affordable budget to suit your needs.

    There are many ways in which a Giveaway Event can be created.

  • The Smartest Type of Giveaway Event

    The smartest type of Giveaway Event is one that looks very valuable to the client or customer but costs a fraction of the perceived value.

    This is how you are able to give away incentives that will generate or close more sales for your most profitable products or services. You can also expect it to generate an excited buzz around your business that your customers will rave about!

    Used properly, these dynamic reward incentives can be a motivation for you, your staff and your leads, prospects and customers.

    Happy clients and customers will tell their friends and people they know. Good news spreads fast!

  • Get More Visitors In To Your Business & To Your Website

    Drive more visitors to your website, grow your business, get more email subscribers, more social media followers, increase customer engagement and generate more sales and profit.

    It is a ‘win-win’ situation.

  • Master hand-to-hand combat
    People will respond to you only when you will respect them and their privacy. An email seeking permission is a good start.
  • Build your audience
    Create blog posts, videos, articles and etc for your target audience. Use SEO words to attract traffic.

What Type of Businesses Have Successfully Used This Type of Incentive Led Promotion?

  • Every Type of Business & Organisation Can Benefit

    The fact is that every type of business or organisation can benefit from incentives, promotions and Giveaway Events.

    Here a few of the different types of businesses that have already benefited are shown below.

    This is only a sample, so if your business is not covered, you can be sure Giveaway Events have already helped a business similar to yours, it is just not shown in the examples provided.

  • Examples of Businesses Using Incentivised Giveaway Events

    Ecom - "In 48 hours we had done $9,000 in Sales"

    Home Services Business – “Attracting many more quality enquires and they are happy to pay the price we quote”

    Books - "Sold $600 Worth of Books in 2 Days”

    Insurance Sales - "Over the last 12 months I've seen an increase of over $100,000 in Income"

    Affiliate - "I did over $200,000 in sales & we just continue to grow"

    Coaching - "Keep Landing $4,500 Clients”

    Membership - "Grown to 7.7k Members in AUS and 2.1k in the UK”

    Digital Products - "Average Price Per Customer Is Up 34%"

    Agency - "I have done over $175,000 extra through the agency and obtained a bunch of new customers"

    Website sales - "$7000 Sales In About 24 hours"

    Fitness training - "Our sales have jumped over 50%”

    Teacher Presentation - "Booked 140 Person Offline Teacher Presentation"

    Spa business - "Definitely a deal closer! Over $800 in sales just yesterday"

    Life Insurance - "More applications than I have done in 2 years"

    Restaurant – “$10,000 extra business in 2 weeks”

    Accountant – “20 new consultations booked in 1 month”

    Lawyers – “15 new clients in 2 weeks”

Key Points To Consider

  • Determine The Objective Of The Giveaway Event And The Incentives That Will Be Offered

    It's important to have a clear objective for the giveaway event, whether it's to attract new customers, generate leads, or promote a new product or service. The incentives should be carefully chosen to appeal to the target audience and encourage them to take action.

  • Pick Incentives That Are Relevant To The Business And Its Target Audience

    Relevant incentives are more likely to attract the right audience and increase engagement with your event. They can also help to establish your business as an authority in the business niche and build trust with potential customers

  • Promote The Event Using Social Media, Email, News Articles And Other Online Channels

    Promotion is key to the success of any giveaway event. Using a variety of online channels can help to reach a wider audience and generate more interest and engagement with your event

  • Design The Event With The Goal Of Attracting Ideal Prospects, Leads, And Customers

    The design of the event should be focused on your target audience and their needs and preferences. This will help to attract the right people and increase the chances of converting them into customers. When your business is offering a desirable incentive that people want, converting new business becomes so much easier. The correct incentives will have new customers and clients seeking out your business because they want what you are offering!

  • Make Sure To Avoid Common Mistakes Such As Picking The Wrong Incentives And Failing To Promote The Event Properly

    By avoiding common mistakes, businesses can maximize the potential of the giveaway event and achieve better results. This can also help to establish your business as a professional and trustworthy brand

  • Use A System of Tiered Rewards and Prizes Directly Related To The Amount Spent By New Customers

    Tiered rewards can encourage customers to spend more and increase the profitability of the business. This can also help to establish a loyal customer base and generate more repeat business

  • Prepare All Marketing Resources In Advance, Including Email Sequences, Social Posts, Memes, Videos, And Imagery

    Having a clear plan for marketing resources can help to streamline the promotion process and ensure that all materials are consistent and on-brand. This can also help to save time and reduce stress during the event

  • Consider A Viral Component to The Event to Increase Its Reach

    A viral component, such as a social media contest or referral program, can help to increase the reach and engagement of the giveaway event. This can also help to establish the business as a fun and engaging brand

  • Promote The Event Through Appropriate Channels, Including Paid Advertising If Necessary

    Paid advertising can help to increase the visibility and reach of the event, especially if it's targeted to the right audience. This can also help to generate more leads and customers for the business

  • Attract The Ideal Prospects Leads and Customers

    We recommend running Giveaway events that attract the ideal prospects leads and customers because they already want the service or product your business offers. Structuring the Giveaway in a way that makes the prize an optional extra to your offer will work to ensure your Giveaway Event is not attracting people just to gain the prize in the Giveaway Event

  • Your Giveaway Event Will Need Rules

    Consider the rules your Giveaway Event will need. Will there be age restrictions, rules for entry, the number of prizes to be awarded and any limits upon the number of prizes someone can win

  • Ensuring Your Giveaway Event Is Legal

    By structuring your Giveaway Event in the correct way you can generally ensure it complies with any legal requirements by ensuring it is not classified as requiring a license. Also ensure there are no specific local laws or rules to comply with. This is not normally a problem if the Giveaway Event is properly structured

  • Follow Rules On Social Platforms

    Facebook and other platforms will require inclusion of rules for your Giveaway Event. In addition, you will need a disclaimer to indicate Facebook is not affiliated to your Giveaway Event. Also, you cannot make it a requirement to ‘like’ a post as a condition for entry to the Giveaway Event.

    Other social platforms have their own rules to check out before posting

  • Don't forget to track and analyze the success of the giveaway event, to make improvements for future events

    Tracking and analyzing the success of the giveaway event can help to identify what worked well and what can be improved for future events. This can also help to establish the business as a data-driven and customer-focused brand


  • Grow Your Business Profits and Sales

    Giveaway events as promotions are highly beneficial both for your business and for your customers, new prospects and leads.

    They can certainly help to grow your business and to increase profits and sales.

    Your brand becomes better known and many of the new customers and clients you acquire will become long term customers that love your business.

    The rewards are well worth it and once you have run one Giveaway Event it is almost guaranteed it will be the first of many.

    Giveaway Events are one of the most powerful marketing and business growth activities you can use in your business today

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