MSK Patriot Sources of Information

A List of Alt and Mainstream Sources I Consult for Patriot Politics


News Aggregators

  • Censored News

    Censored News

    A news aggregator site affiliated with Mike Adams.

    It lists Patriot leaning alt media sites and generally 6 current headlines (linked to the respective articles) per site.

    It looks like it is RSS coded, so that might affect headline selectivity. However, there are a lot of Patriot leaning alt media sites listed that are not readily at hand in the general Internet culture.

  • Creative Destruction Media (CD Media)

    Creative Destruction Media

    A high-quality news site that is constantly deplatformed and censored by the globalist media and big tech social media. It is run by L Todd Wood and a large top-talent alt-media staff. Todd Wood was a Special Operations pilot, Wall Street trader and now journalist, thriller writer and media mogul. I believe he is a relative of L Lin Wood, the attorney. This people and issues featured on the site certainly looks like it. In fact, it presents a view that is strongly aligned with my own values regarding current events and the people shaping them. The Investigations and Analysis sections are extremely informative.

  • Global Research

    Global Research

    This is a recent addition to sites I consult regularly. Global Research is situated in Canada with a huge reach worldwide. It presents a massive amount of artic les, videos, opinion pieces and other material from an anti-globalization perspective. The USA is the good guy or the bad guy in the aggregated news, research and opinions. So use this site for checking information and different viewpoints, not for MAGA and America First purposes.

    It's good to be informed and, like or dislike, agree or disagree, this site is a place to get information the mainstream culture tries to block.

  • NewsAmmo


    Byline: "Conservative News Aggregator"

    Interesting concept in news aggregators. NewsAmmo lists the top 5 articles in each of a number of conservative sites across the web. It also gives a large number of links to conservative sites. I find this helpful when I am in a hurry.

  • Rantingly


    A pro-Trump pro-Patriot news aggregator laid out in the manner of The Drudge Report.

    I like go here often.

  • The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

    The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

    News aggregator for Patriot-leaning topics. On sporadic skims, my impression is a mix of solid news with a light fringe flavor.

News Sites

  • Gateway Pundit

    The Gateway Pundit

    Good for getting short hits from a Trump insider perspective. The articles are rarely long and almost always have links to other places. Jim Hoft owns the site and his twin brother Joe Hoft often contributes.

  • Kraken Wood

    Kraken Wood

    This is just beginning. It's basically a curated news feed.

    I believe Kraken Wood is either a project of Sidney Powell and Lin Wood or someone close to them. They both have given signs of blessing to the site.

  • OAN - One American News Network
  • The Epoch Times

    The Epoch Times

    This is an online newspaper in the molds of NYT, except it is high quality and not agenda-laden, except being anti Chinese Communist Party and pro President Trump. It, and the entire media organization, is affiliated with the Falun Gong. You have to jump through a few hoops to read the site, both free and paid, but the content is well worth it. Their news standards are high.

Article Sites

  • American Greatness

    American Greatness

    A steady stream of articles by some of the top freedom-loving intellectuals in America today. They lean conservative and populist, but eschew ruling-class establishment swamp conservatives. Several times Rush Limbaugh has praised an author who writes there, Angelo Codevilla. But there is a slew of other noteworthies, Michael Anton, Julie Kelly, Conrad Black, Ilana Mercer, and many others. This material tends to be more ivory tower than practical Patriot-level stuff, but it is spot on more often than not.

  • American Thinker

    American Thinker

    This site has a lot of interesting articles from a lot of authors I believe Patriots will be interested in (I am). But there is a cloud that hangs over it.

    In fear of a lawsuit from Dominion Voting Machines, it issued a CYA and apology statement so cowering, it's embarrassing. It's discrediting. Anyone who does that once to its core audience is at a high risk to do similar things in the future. So when you read anything on American Thinker, realize you might be getting propaganda from the dark side.

    You can read the embarrassing statement here: Statement

  • The Federalist

    A more mainstream site run by Mollie Hemingway, Sean Davis and others. But it is very Trump friendly.

Blogs and Forums

  • Corey's Digs

    Corey's Digs

    Great for doing deep dives on a slew of topics that the mainstream media does not cover and the Deep State/ruling class globalists do not want anyone to know about. Corey Lynn is one of the best researchers out there for this stuff. Use this site when you need to be educated on something or solid sourcing. And put your serious hat on when you go there.

    Recent Six Part Article: Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth CRISIS

  • (fmr


    (Formerly TheDonald-dot-win. The site is the same except for the name and URL. The reason for the change is not political. A single person owned the previous domain "TheDonald-dot-win" and flaked out. Also, when Trump becomes politically active again, the word Patriot will be featured. Patriot might even be the name of a new political party, so site's name is well situated. You can read all about this on the site itself here.)

    This group of young misfits grew out of a Reddit thread that helped elect President Trump in 2016. The Reddit gods were not amused and banned the pro-Trump threads from Reddit. So they set up their own shop.

    Scrolling in "Hot," "New" and "Rising" is good for recent information. Be prepared for a lot of banter and trolling among gems. "Top" is good for more historical things. The search function works well, too.

    Sometimes people close to President Trump and news people use these super-competent young misfits to crowdsource information. They love digging up smack on Trump's enemies.

    In the new incarnation to, I expect this site to be more effective than before at promoting populism and Trumpian values.

  • Objectivist Living

    Objectivist Living

    This is the site I own (with Kat) and run. This is not a typical Ayn Rand site. :)

  • The Last Refuge

    The Last Refuge (or The Conservative Treehouse)

    Twitter account: TheLastRefuge

    Byline: "Rag Tag Bunch of Conservative Misfits"

    Patriot leaning articles that are well sourced, well written and well reasoned.

  • The Marshall Report

    The Marshall Report

    A Patriot blog--quite pro-Trump--run by Dianne Marshall.

    She exaggerates at times, but she is colorful, unexpected, entertaining and deep. She lives right over the target.

    It's a real pleasure to read this blog.

  • X22 Report (Main Site)

    X22report on BitChute

    X22 Report on Rumble

    Patriot News (feed on main site)

    Latest From Qanon (Q drops archive on main site)

    This is a Q-related person who's videos always end up at the top of the "Trending" section of BitChute, Lin Wood has kinked to X22. Many people follow him.

    As with all Q-related sources, some of the information is hit and miss, but much of what I have seen has born fruit. So use your own judgment. My advice is don't be afraid to discard anything that doesn't make sense to you, but don't throw it all away. The reports are fascinating, informative, and inspire great hope and a sense of a beautiful America, but they can lull you into turning off your brain.

    When something makes sense to you but you cannot check it or it hasn't happened yet, put it in a special category in your brain--something like "not yet verified, but plausible and something I hope (or fear) is true." That's what I do.

Social Media

Special and Random

  • WikiLeaks
  • Save America PAC (Trump)

    The is the MAGA PAC with President Trump's blessing. His name is the URL.

    Find an archive of his out-of-office endorsements, etc., under "News."

    Save America PAC is the entity that distributes his out-of-office statements and press releases.


  • Adams, Mike

    Mike Adams has several sites and provides such an enormous amount of information, there is no way for everyone to agree with him on everything. Of the alt people who grate against establishment narratives, I think he is one of the best and most accurate sources of information around.

    The site I visit everyday is a video channel on Brighteon:

    Health Ranger Report

    Mike posts "Situation Updates" daily there, at least until Jan. 20, 2021, and he often interviews unexpected and highly interesting people.

    Then there is Natural News, his print site.

    Natural News

    Emergency Link if censored (click or type numbers into URL field):

    This is Mike's flagship site. It is a curated news site and he constantly produces his own content on it. Natural News features links to other affiliated sites. Here are a few: 

    Newstarget (news aggregator) 

    Brighteon (video platform) 

    Censored News (news aggregator on a per site structure) 

    Natural News Radio

    Lots of health info and videos. And store:

    Prep With Mike

    Special mention has to go to:

    Hang the Censors

    If you go to the homepage of this site, you can't get in. You have to go to an article on the site.

    Just to get you in, here is an article published there:

    Many major "American" corporations are actually owned by communist China

    Once in, you will find current news and other articles.


  • Bannon, Steve
  • Beanz, Tracy


    Clouthub: TracyBeanz | Clouthub handle: @tracybeanz

    Tracy has been a strong voice for Trump. I am not as familiar with her as I would like to be, but what I have seen, I have really liked. She suffered a disaster at the end of 2020 where her house burned down. She is banned on Twitter, which is a badge of honor for a pro-Trump person who had a huge following there.

  • Byrne, Patrick
  • Codemonkeyz (Ron Watkins)

    Gab: Ron


    The real name of Codemonkeyz (or sometimes Codemonkey) is Ron Watkins. He and his father, Jim Watkins, were the founders of 8chan, a derivative of 4chan, on which Q drops were made.

    He is an expert witness used by Sidney Powell on election fraud, specifically about Dominion Voting Machines.

    To learn more about Codemonkeyz, here is a garbage article on Wikipedia: Ron Watkins. The information is pretty good, but you have ignore the adjectives and slant. They are awful in this article.

  • Corbett, James

    The Corbett Report

    One of the best information sites on the underbelly of globalists and ruling class out there. James is incredibly articulate for the lay person and well sourced to the gills. He is a real pain in the you-know-where to top authoritarians throughout the world, not just because of his depth in exposing them, but because he has been featured in the mainstream. For example, I have seen several of his videos hit Real Clear Politics Video. Here are two video links, but there are more on his main site.

    The Corbett Report on YouTube which will likely get censored over time

    The Corbett Report on BitChute

    On his main site, here are the sections I like the best (but there are many others that are great). Of note: his documentaries come with hyperlinked transcripts and the rest come with show notes.

    The Best of The Corbett Report


    Propaganda Watch

    Film, Literature & The New World Order (FLNWO)

    Solutions Watch

    You can subscribe to more content of his for as little as one dollar a month. This has to be one of the best bargains for information about freedom versus the NWO on the paid planet.


  • Giuliani, Rudy

    Rudy Giuliani's Common Sense

    Rudy is so famous, there is too much to say about him. Former Mayor of NYC, he was President Trump's personal lawyer for election fraud until the end of his term in 2021.

  • Lindell, Mike

    Main site: Mike Lindell

    Mike Lindell is famous as the "My Pillow" guy. He is a fervent Trump supporter and puts his money where his mouth is.

    As a former crack addict (like me, by the way), he funds an addiction recovery project. And he is funding an enormous amount of research into the 2020 election fraud.

  • Polly (Amazing Polly)

    Main website: Amazing Polly St. George



    Polly is one of the most intelligent dot-connectors exposing the Deep State and globalism. She goes after names and companies and institutions and connections. Once you see one of her videos, you will never look at online research the same, or globalists and Deep Staters for that matter.

    Right before the 2021 inauguration, she got kneecapped by big tech and this led to her large-scale-presence going dark for a while. For example, on Objectivist Living (my site), I had embedded a large number of her YouTube videos with lots of comments and discussions. Once YouTube banned her, they deleted her account, so none of the videos showed up anymore. Essentially she got neutralized as a source of information on my site. This happened many places. But she is making a comeback on her own site and on alt tech, Gab and Bitchute for starters.

    Polly is Q-oriented without being a Q-fanatic. And she is a huge Trump supporter (despite her harsh criticism of his vaccination program). She has announced that, even though President Trump is no longer in office, she is still that way.

  • Powell, Sidney

    Official sites:

    Sidney Powell

    Defending the Republic


    Attorney and counsel to General Mike Flynn. Author of LICENSED TO LIE and co-author of CONVICTION MACHINE.

    Sidney is a major headache for the Deep State because she consistently manages to overturn many of their court persecutions of innocent people.

    She advocates for President Trump's 2020 landslide victory and despises the fraud that denied it (so far). She started a meme in the culture "the Kraken" to symbolize the dismantling of the 2020 election fraud.

  • Prather, Jeffrey

    Jeffrey Prather (main site)

    Jeffrey Prather (YouTube)

    From his website: "Retired army officer, ex-DEA special agent, former DIA intelligence officer turned whistle blower and then targeted by the government. In addition to hosting his own call in weekly talk radio show, “The Prather Point”, he is also a martial arts master and teacher, Apache wisdom teacher, Kinetic Quotient creator and trainer, firearms and horsemanship instructor, published author, SAG film actor, speaker, father, husband and chaplain."

    For me, Jeffrey is quirky (and I like quirky. :) ) For instance, he starts his videos with a poem and a mission breakdown. And there are other quirky things as he goes along. But he is calm, rational and extremely insightful. I always learn something new when I watch a video of his.

  • Rufo, Christopher

    Main website:


    Center on Wealth & Poverty at Discovery Institute

    Main page:

    Author page:


    Bio from his Main Website: "I’m a writer, filmmaker, and researcher. I document the phenomena of poverty, homelessness, critical race theory, and other afflictions."

    Christopher is one of the left's worst nightmares in terms of rooting out indoctrination in American culture. He is the person who brought President Trump's attention to how pervasive the bigoted Critical Race Theory was used to indoctrinate students and government employees through mandatory courses, including the military. Due to his efforts, President Trump, near the end of his term, instituted the 1776 Commission (which Impostor Biden canceled as soon as he was sworn in).

    As of this writing, Rufo is working on a ten-part investigative series on critical race theory in education.

    I think he is one of the most important men in America for neutralizing the toxic and bigoted pro-authoritarian indoctrination Americans have suffered and turning the mental and spiritual tide back toward freedom.

  • Wood, L Lin

    Official site as attorney: L. Lin Wood, P.C.

    Telegram: Lin Wood Speaks Truth

    One of the country's top defamation lawyer (getting tens and hundreds of millions of dollars for his underdog clients), Lin has caused an uproar in the American culture over his comments about the 2020 election fraud and who he deems traitors.

    He is a deeply religious Christian and he has stamped a meme in the culture: "Every lie will be revealed." He advocates for President Trump's 2020 landslide victory and despises the fraud that denied it (so far).