How To Harness The The Viral Income Machine That Is TikTok!

Harness the power of building yourself a TikTok income machine without having to spend a penny by using these five simple key strategies.


#1 TikTok Case Study

  • Know The Platform & Demographics

    The demographics of TikTok is mostly a younger set but you can simply target that demographic in several ways.

    Don't try to force your niche onto the TikTok audience. Be like water and follow the path of least resistance.

    Watch the video module 1, mark as completed and then progress onto module 2.

#2 Getting Started With Monetization

  • Let's Prospect For Monetization Concepts

    You always have to think about how to capture the viewer and "WOW" them.

    Yes, It can be as easy as shooting a 15 second video - but always be thinking

    about your presentation. When you're starting out on TikTok I suggest you

    start with 15 second videos instead of one minute videos. Remember, we are

    dealing with super short attention spans here. It's all about GRAB THEIR


    Prospecting site #1:

#3 Build Your Brand

  • Build Your Brand Exit Strategy

    There is more than one way to skin a cat - so to speak, and you should always be thinking about

    creating another value asset and another way you can possibly make the big bucks.

    Resources: Shopify Marketplace

#4 Free Traffic Or Paid?

  • Paid Or Free Traffic?

    The sure-fire way to spot potential income opportunities on TikTok

    is to observe what sort of videos are trending and dissect what makes them

    so viral. Let's also look at the possibility of paid ads...

    Link to TikTok ads platform

#5 Final Concept & Homework Assignment

  • Think About This...

    When trying to monetize TikTok viewers to buy physical goods

    you must think about how you're going to keep them from side

    stepping your cookied link. What good is a viral video if you are

    just sending traffic to Amazon and you're not getting paid?