Creating Hashtags for Your Brand

Creating hashtags is essential for your brand because they increase the visibility of your brand to the world, and people get easy access to your account because of your brand’s unique hashtag.


Brainstorming the Possibilities

  • Match Tags to Your Brand

    Now start by looking at different perspectives that can enhance your brand name.

  • Your Brand Tag(s)

    You must know that this particular hashtag will be the representative of your brand and a reflection of your mission, so start brainstorming.

  • Use Your Brand Name if Appropiate

    You can use your brand name in place of the hashtag if it is unique.

  • Keep it Simple

    And you can also choose some simple and sweet hashtag.

    It should be easy for your audience to remember.

  • Use the Above to Gather Ideas

    These are all the possibilities that can help you in creating your particular hashtag.

Doing Research for Hashtags

  • A Word of Caution

    Before creating your unique hashtag and finalizing it, look if this hashtag is already in use by another brand. If someone else already has a dominate tag(s) you'll only be driving traffic for them.

  • Do Deep Research

    Deep research is needed to make sure you can dominate this space. Research again and again. Look for a new hashtag.

  • Be Uniquely You Reflected in your Tag(s)

    Remember you’re taking a fresh start, so your brand’s hashtag has to be different from all the others, this will develop your own community around the hashtag.

    Use that unique hashtag in all your communications.

Promoting Your Tag(s)

  • Plan to Promote

    After you’ve chosen your unique hashtag, promote it.

    Use it everywhere. Promotion is the key to an effective hashtag.

  • Social Media Plan

    To do so, use your brand hashtag on all types of social media.

    Identify your Facebook live feeds with your hashtag. Share it to your stories and Instagram. You know the drill.

  • Print Displays

    Now use flyers and put your hashtag on it.

    Use a "Kiss Sticker" on your laptop so it displays in the coffee shop when you are there.

  • Instagram > Facebook

    Link your Facebook account to your Instagram account and use your hashtag with every post that you make on Facebook.

Monitoring Your Tag(s)

  • Control Use of Your Tag(s)

    Now that you’ve created your hashtag and made it famous, it’s time for you to control how it’s used by people.

  • Monitor Posts

    Keep a check on every post where your hashtag is used.

  • Must Reflect Your Brand

    If something doesn't make sense and your hashtag is being misused, take immediate action.

  • Check Your Structure

    Monitor the structure of your hashtag and make it look interesting.

  • Share

    Encourage people to use your hashtag so that your brand gets expressed at a wider range.

  • Monitoring Tools

    Use monitoring tools also to keep track of your process and how your hashtag is contributing to improving your social media analytics that are directly linked to your brand.