How To Make Automated Online Income Robots That Make You $500 A Day On Total Autopilot

This Real Online Income Millionaire Takes You Step By Step And Shows You EXACTLY How He Makes Thousands Of Dollars A Day On Autopilot


1. First Step - Grab FREE Products That Will Make You Recurring Automated Income

  • Choose profitable categories

    Choosing profitable categories (niches) is the foundation for creating an email marketing business that has the greatest odds for success. Firstly we are going to join a site called This is where we will be finding the products that we can promote that will be making us money. However, before we can address Clickbank in detail we need to understand the key to choosing the right niches to promote - so play video module 1 below and after you have watched the entire video you can tick the checkbox and mark this module as completed.

  • How To Find The Products That Will Make You Money

    As you now know, the big three niches for making money online are (in no particular order) 1. Making Money 2. Health 3. Relationships.

    If you just find the best sellers on Clickbank in those areas you can increase your odds of success. Here is module 2...

  • Quick Income Update...

    While I was out doing other things this happened without any additional effort from me...

2. How To Setup Your Automated Income System

  • Birdseye View

    Let's take a look at the total overview of the system we need to setup...

  • The Optin Page

    Let's take a look at a typical optin page with an imbedded autoresponder form on it...

    To see this actual squeeze page CLICK HERE

  • The Autoresponder / Income Robot

    An autoresponder is a must have to make this system work. There are many options out there so we'll take a quick look at the main two...

3. Traffic Is the MONEY!!!

  • Ways To Get Traffic
    So in the previous training modules you learned all about how to find products on Clickbank that you can easily become an affiliate for and make money with. You also learned how to setup your landing page and integrate your autoresponder to the page. You also learned how to setup an automated, monetized email sequence. This is your automated income robot that will make money for you 24 - 7... but in this module we need to look at the match that lights the fuse (so to speak)... TRAFFIC. Here are the options;
  • Free Traffic

    Well, free traffic is great if you can get enough of it but the problem these days is getting free traffic from social media platforms can be difficult now because most social platforms are so crowded. Additionally, if you were to just start posting the link (URL) to your landing page into a bunch of Facebook groups (for example), you would get banned pretty fast.

    Now that isn't to say that you shouldn't post your links on social media but you have to be very careful when doing so.

    The obvious workaround is to start your own Facebook group in your chosen niche. You can easily post your links inside

    your own Facebook group. Now the task becomes building up your group and building a relationship with your members.

    Other mediums can work as well. Personally I made some rather large lists from YouTube. But, I must say I've been a Youtube partner for many, many years and when I started Youtube was a much easier platform to get seen in than it is today.

    By the way, if you want to see my YouTube channel you can CLICK HERE. My videos have gotten over 28.6 MILLION views but I've been on Youtube since 2007. Yikes!

    Other mediums are the obvious... Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin and the new kid on the block... TikTok.

    So the advantage of social media link sharing is free traffic but it's going to take you a long time to build a following big enough to be able to generate any optins to your list. If you don't want to put in the hard work and if you don't have the time to wait then I suggest you simply fast track the process with paid traffic.

    Mark this module completed and move onto the next module to learn all about paid traffic options.

  • The PPC Fast Track To The Money!

    There are several ways to buy traffic and in this module I'll touch on the biggest.

    The first way to buy traffic is to buy a "pay per click" ad on a search engine like Google or Bing.

    This is a great source of traffic if you know how to setup ads and work the search engine PPC system.

    This can be extremely complicated and expensive. Additionally, there are many restrictions on the types of

    products you are allowed to advertise.

    For instance, most search engines don't allow traffic to a money making opportunity. So what are we to do?

    Where can we buy traffic and build out list? Well, the simplest way to get a large number of optins and sales

    is something called solo ads.

    What are solo ads? Well quite simply a solo ads is merely going to someone that already has built up a big list of email addresses and buy a PPC email send to his list. That is to say when you buy a solo ad you're actually paying the solo ad seller to send an email to his email subscribers. The email he sends to his subscribers will include the clickable link to YOUR LANDING PAGE.

    Thus you're basically converting subscribers from HIS list onto YOUR list. Solo ads are sold PER CLICK... not per email.

    In other words, if you buy a solo ad you are buying CLICKS and not VIEWS. Example: If you buy a solo ads from Freddy you'll buy 500 CLICKS and not 500 email VIEWS.

    So Freddy might have to send out 2000 emails to deliver 500 CLICKS to you. The price of a click varies and we'll cover all this in the next module so mark this module completed and move onto the next tutorial.

4. Solo Ads - How To Make Them Pay For You

  • All About Solo Ads

    In this video I'll cover what you need to know about solo ads and show what you need to be careful about...


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5. Super FREE Bonus Money Maker

  • FREE Gift of Distribution / Resell Rights To This Interactive Course

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