World’s Best Marketing Tricks

A checklist for world's best marketing tricks, extracted from the book

"This Won't Scale"

by Drift

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Start Marketing Early

  • Forget about stealth.

    Don't worry to take cautious steps, begin your marketing even before you decide the product.

  • Invest in product, brand and service.
    People only buy what they want. You have to create demand for your product, only then you can supply. 
  • Discover your wedge.
    Exclusivity and uniqueness of your product will attract people to buy your product even if they possess something similar.
  • Find gold.
    Solutions attract people. Show them how your product will ease down their problems.
  • Master hand-to-hand combat.
    People will respond to you only when you will respect them and their privacy. An email seeking permission is a good start.
  • Build your audience.
    Create blog posts, videos, articles and etc for your target audience. Use SEO words to attract traffic. 

Invest In Brand

  • Bet on brand.

    Differentiate your product by giving it a brand name. This will make you stand out from your competitors and will also increase your credibility.

  • Build your brand moat.
    Craft a consistent and compelling story with which your consumers can relate to.
  • Find something that they can't copy.
    Find a unique channel to engage with your audience that none of your competitors can copy.
  • Market like yourself.
    People will only get interested in your product if they know you. Market your product by being who you are and not like any digital robot.
  • Use Video to show who you are.
    Videos are the best way to interact. Fiction stories will only drain your efforts whereas non-fiction will prove your authenticity and your audience will be more engaged with you.
  • Ditch your stock photos.
    Stock images are deceiving whereas your image is your brand value and it also authenticates your existence and your integrity. 

Build Marketing Team

  • Master the fundamentals.

    Never forget your roots. Follow these 6 universal principles by Dr.Robert B; Reciprocity, scarcity, consistency, liking nd consensus.

  • Make marketing into a company-wide effort.
    Include your company mates to spread your message. This will spread your message on a wider scale, also it will keep everyone on the same page and speaking the same language.
  • Learn to let go.
    When the time comes you may have to leave your chair for someone more creative, deserving and energetic to carry out your work. Help that deserving candidate and teach him/her.
  • Forget about pedigree.
    Look out for the willingness and enthusiasm to make a change in a candidate while hiring, rather than judging someone through their experience or qualification. All you need is a RESULT.
  • Create a promotional plan.
    Assign goals and things-to-do list to your employees, so they have only one goal and can focus on one thing.
  • It's okay to fail fast.

    Learn from your failures. If you fail on your first attempt, try again but don't repeat your mistake again. The faster you'll fail, the faster you'll succeed.

Learn From Role Models

  • Keep learning.

    Create a ripple effect of learning and teaching among your teammates. Everyone has something new to teach, nor anyone knows everything. Keep the chain of learning and teaching going.

  • Build your swipe file.
    Marketers are marketed too. Save that marketed content, which you think is eye-catching and usable. Take inspiration from those achieved files to reinvent your content. This way you won't have to start from zero.
  • Find a mentor.
    Surround yourself with a bunch of smart people whose work inspires you and you can look up to their works for inspirations. Mentor specifically doesn't mean someone who is 20-30 years ahead in their careers, it can be anyone.
  • Join the club.
    Read books and search for content related to marketing. Also, read those role models who have given crazy marketing tips and techniques. Just like you are reading this.
  • Look-up to reverse role models.
    Your competitors and people whom you disagree with are better teachers. never ignore them. Just catch what they have to say and ignore the person who is saying.

Create A Category

  • Be a leader.
    If you can't invent something new than invent a category of an already existing product. 
  • Stand for something.
    After creating a category, it's no more just about your company. Now it's about the world, it a new movement. Stand up and tell people how this movement will help.
  • Start a movement.
    Pick up pain points of people and tell them how your product can help them to ease their pain. Spread and expand your message.
  • Give it a name.
    Naming is similar to giving identity to anything. Whatever you do name it. May it be a movement, product, category or anything, just give it a name.
  • Embrace competition.
    Make your business adventurous by giving shade to your competitors in your created category. You will never lose your founding status, in fact, your competitor will also be recognized by your name. For e.g. uber.

Start Conversations

  • Talk to your customers.
    Businesses are driven through conversations. Get hold of every opportunity, you get to interact with your customers.
  • Optimize your conversation.
    Whatever message you want to give to your customers, give it in a conversational style with a clear and specific call to action.
  • Use a webinar to engage your audience.
    Go live... The easiest way you can start a conversation and introduce yourself. Interact with your audience with sass.
  • Be social on social.
    Whenever you are approached on a social media forum, make sure to respond.
  • Kill gated content.
    Stop using popping forms on your website, instead focus on to make your product in a way to which your audience is automatically attracted to. Make conversational, engaging and interactive content.

Write A Better Copy

  • Write like you talk
    Don't focus on grammar,punctuation and flowery language while writing a copy. Write in a tone and language that you use routinely.
  • Nail your headlines.
    A headline is key to engage your audience. Your audience judges your content by it's headline. No matter how many hours you have to invest, just nail your headlines.
  • Send plain text emails.
    99% of the world hates to get marketed. When you send plain text emails your customers perceive as a personal email.
  • Teach everyone to write for the brand.
    Teaching everyone to write in A conversational style iis very important because sales never happen until conversation happens.

Product Launches

  • Blow out your product launch.

    Product launch is a very important day. You will need the crowd to know about it. Focus on both internal and external marketing.

  • Get the entire team on message.

    Turn your company into a marketing engine. Include everyone. Your team should be aware of your product and also encourage them to spread the word and create a ripple effect.

  • Over communicate

    Getting in front of your team isn't enough. You'll need to overcommunicate with them to get them on board. Feeding them about their responsibilities on the big day, again and again, is vital to success.

  • Build an army
    For extensive marketing, your team alone and members of the company ain't enough. Use external support as well. Tell your loyal fans, give them early access and ask them to give reviews and comments about your new product on the launch day

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