TAO 3.0 Progress Tracker

With so many tutorials available to watch, it becomes more challenging to keep things organized. Use this checklist to stay on track. This is cookied to your browser so it remembers where you left off. Bookmark it and come back to it later.


Getting Started

  • The Secret To Online Success

    In this tutorial, I share the secret to online success and what YOU have to do to get traffic, leads and sales to your business. Watch Now!

  • Shiny Object Syndrome is Making You Blind

    Shiny object syndrome is toxic. It will ruin your online progress unless you start to change the way you approach your education. Watch Now!

  • Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome Now!

    In this tutorial I will share with you how you can overcome your shiny object syndrome. Watch Now!

  • “Get Rich Quick” Does NOT Exist

    You MUST understand that "get rich quick" does not exist. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you will make money... ironic, right?? Watch Now!

  • How Long Does It Really Take to Make Money Online?

    In this tutorial I will show you how long it will take you to make money online. The answer may surprise you. Watch Now!

  • 5 Losing Personality Traits of a Newbie Marketer

    Some people do not have what it takes to make money online, that simple. Please be sure you do NOT develop and grow with these losing personality traits... Watch Now!

  • Why Does Warrior+, JVZoo & ClickBank Sell Crappy Products?

    These platforms sell and promote mostly crap, that simple. There is a simple reason why and today you will learn why. Watch Now!

  • How I Make “Fast Passive Income”

    Passive income is an impossible goal for most newbies, yet everyone dreams of passive income. Watch to discover how I make passive income and how you can do the same, in time. Watch Now!

  • Let’s Get Going & Make Some Money!

    Are you ready to start building your business? Watch this video to discover how you can build a sustainable business alongside me by following my Action Plan! Watch Now!

Step 1 - Choosing A Niche - Keep It Simple

  • Don’t Overthink Your Niche – The Problem

    Do not overthink which niche to choose. Easier said than done, I know! You want to find the perfect niche to invest all your time and love into.... Watch Now!

  • Narrowing Down Your Niche

    Most people choose niches that are WAY too broad. Narrowing down your niche is essential and there is a good reason I am showing you this before you find niche ideas. Watch Now!

  • Finding Niche Idea

    Let's explore some niche ideas to get your brain ticking over and spark up some inspiration. Finding niche ideas is relatively easy. Let's go!

  • Finding Niche Ideas – Explosive + DFY Niches

    Let me show you a faster and more aggressive way to find niches. Using a keyword research tool is a great way to find related keywords which are often micro niches themselves. Watch Now!

  • Eliminating Niche Ideas – Common Sense

    In this section, we are going to start eliminating niches from your list of niches you have created. Be sure to use the Niche Worksheet I gave you in the "Finding Niches" tutorial. Watch Now!

  • Eliminating Niche Ideas – E-commerce Niches

    Next up, we will eliminate the niches which are more suitable for e-commerce and not blogging, YouTube or social media. This is a very important lesson as it will stop you choosing a boring niche. Watch Now!

  • Eliminating Niche Ideas – Social Media Suitability

    Let's complete the elimination of our niches based on social media compatibility. This is not set in stone but you need to make a conscious choice on your niche before you move forward. Watch Now!

  • Niche Keyword Research – Human Nature & Common Sense

    Let's start doing some keyword research and continue eliminating our niche selection to narrow it down to the most suitable niche for our abilities and search demand. Watch Now!

  • Niche Keyword Research – Number Crunching & Ideas

    You want to build up a list of keywords related to your niche. This will help you get an idea of the potential audience out there and help you explore your niche and spark up fresh ideas. Watch Now!

  • Is Your Niche Profitable?

    Let's talk about the profitability of your niche. 95% of all niches are profitable, that simple. Learn More!

  • Don’t Overthink Your Niche – The Solution

    This lesson is essential for you to "get moving forward" as most newbie marketers never get past this stage of "planning" and thinking. Watch Now!

  • Watch Me Choose A Niche!

    Watch the choose a niche in a simple and fast way. Follow along and apply this to your own niche selection. Watch Now!

  • Time To Choose Your Niche

    The time has come for YOU to choose your niche. This is where your journey starts and the excitement begins. Are you ready? Watch Now!

  • [SECRET] Explode Your Progress With TAO

    Before you move to Step 2, I want to share a little secret with you. Something that only successful marketers know about. Watch Now!

Step 2 - Building Your Website

  • Choosing A Domain Name

    This simple an short tutorial will show you how to choose a domain name that suits your business.  Watch Now!

  • Setting Up Hosting & Domain

    Let's set up your hosting and domain name. This is SUPER easy and fast to do. Are you ready? Watch Now!

  • Setting Up Branded Email Address

    This short tutorial will show you how to set up your basic email account so you get an official email to go along with your new business. This makes you look legitimate.  Watch Now!

  • Moving Forward & Overview

    We need to keep the momentum going! Let's get moving with the next step inside the Action Plan! Watch Now!

Step 3 - Social Media Passive Traffic

  • Choosing ONE Social Media Account

    It's so important you understand WHY you only choose one social media channel to begin with. Watch this to uncover the "why". Watch Now!

  • Which Social Media Channel?

    How do you know which platform to choose? There are some simple ways to narrow this down. Learn More Now!

  • The Time It Takes To Build A Following

    It takes times to build up a following. These tips will help you understand this process. Watch Now!

  • Create One But Do Not Use It, Yet!

    This lesson may seem counter intuitive, but there is a VERY good reason why I am asking you to do this. Watch Now!

  • Watch Me Choose & Setup My Facebook Page

    Here you can watch me create my own Facebook group for my niche. Follow along and you can see how simple the process is. Watch Now!

  • Time For YOU To Choose Your Page

    Now it is your turn to create your social media page. Keep things simple. Simple. Simple! Watch Now!

Step 4 - Investing In Yourself

  • Investing In Yourself

    You have to master this mindset if you want to succeed. People skip this video and NEVER understand why they fail. Are you one of those people? Watch Now!

Step 5 - Building Your Foundation

  • SiteGround & WordPress Overview

    Let me start by giving you an overview of your hosting and WordPress. Watch Now!

  • All-In-One Page Builder

    Let me introduce you to your new page builder. This is going to be your best friend moving forward as you grow your business. Watch Now!

  • Your Theme

    Your theme is very important, but not YET. Watch this to move forward quickly without wasting time on how your site looks. Watch Now!

  • SEO Friendly Site

    Making your site SEO friendly is very important. Let's start with the basics and get your site up and running properly. Watch Now!

  • Core Pages

    Your core pages make up the backbone of your site. This tutorial will talk you through the basics of setting them up. Watch Now!

  • The Legal Stuff

    Your legal pages are essential. Be sure to follow along and set up the pages you need to operate on a legal basis online. Do not overthink this. Having the basics in place is more than enough right now. Learn More!

  • Google Analytics + Search Console

    As your site grows, you have to measure the traffic and data that comes in. using Google Analytics and the Search Console is the best way to do that. Follow along to get these set up properly. Watch Now!

Step 6 - Creating Valuable Content

  • What Content To Create Using TAO

    Let's discuss what type of content you will create using the TAO Action Plan. Follow along so you understand what great content is. Watch Now!

  • Social Media & YouTube Explained

    There are different types of content and here I want to discuss how these fit in with TAO and your future plans. Watch Now!

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

    Let's cover the basics of SEO so you can understand how this will bring you in 1000s of visitors to your websites. Watch Now!

  • Easy Keyword Research Bootcamp – Basics

    Keyword research is the starting point of all blog posts, depending on your approach. Let's cover the basics here so you can start building a list of keywords for your blog. Watch Now!

  • Easy Keyword Research Bootcamp – Keyword List

    It's time to build out a list of keywords from which you form the foundation of your future content. Watch Now!

  • Blog Structure Bootcamp

    You need a solid blog structure to set the tone right moving forward. This ensures you are SEO bulletproof and you can expand in the future. Watch Now!

  • SEO & Blogging Bootcamp

    SEO is super important and luckily it is much simpler to understand than most people think. Let me cover what you need to know about SEO. Watch Now!

  • Editing & Formatting

    Editing and formatting your content is important. This comes down to practice more than anything. Let me show you some pointers here. Watch Now!

  • Create A Blog Post – Step by Step – Keyword & Competition Research

    In this first part, I am going to do some basic keyword research and start creating my blog post. Let's do this! Watch Now!

  • Create A Blog Post – Step by Step – Planning

    In this second part, I am going to plan out my blog post by following some common sense and by solving the user intent. Watch Now!

  • Create A Blog Post – Step by Step – Writing & Editing – Part 1

    In this 3rd part, I am going to write the blog post. Let me show you a few tricks to make this process faster. Watch Now!

  • Create A Blog Post – Step by Step – Writing & Editing – Part 2

    This second part of the writing and editing tutorial, will delve deeper into the writing and editing part of creating a blog post. Watch Now!

  • Create A Blog Post – Step by Step – Publishing & SEO

    In the final part, we will publish out blog post and make it SEO optimized. Watch Now!

  • Content Ongoing With Action Plan

    Now it is time for you to take action and create your first blog post. Are you ready? Watch Now!

Step 7 - Creating A Valuable Lead Magnet

  • Introducing JayKay Dowdall

    Here you will learn from the master, JayKay Dowdall, how to create the perfect lead magnet. There is a simple step by step process you can use to identify what your audience wants and needs! Watch Now!

  • Let's Get Going

    Creating the perfect lead magnet is easier than you think. Follow this training and you will be building your list faster than you can shake a stick at it! Watch Now!

  • The Problem

    We start off by identifying the problem your audience needs to have solved and YOU are the person to help them. Watch Now!

  • The Promise

    In this module, we discuss the copy of your squeeze page. You will learn how to make your audience burning with desire to secure your lead magnet. Watch Now!

  • Present

    In this tutorial, you will learn kind of lead magnet you can make. You have number of options and you can move forward in the simplest way. Watch Now!

  • Creating My Lead Magnet - The Copy

    In this tutorial, you can watch me create my lead magnet. I will create a lead magnet for my niche as part of he TAO Action Plan, step by step. Watch Now!

  • Creating The Squeeze Page

    In this tutorial, I am going to create my squeeze page step by step. Follow along and use your entrepreneurial spirit here. Watch Now!

  • Creating My Lead Magnet – The Actual Lead Magnet

    It is time for me to create the "freebie/lead magnet" which I am offering up as a valuable resource. Watch Now!

  • Delivering the Lead Magnet

    In this video, I will show you a variety of ways which you can deliver your lead magnet. There are a lot to choose from and they all have their pros and cons. Watch Now!

  • Action Takers Assemble!

    It is time for you to take action and to move on to the next step of the Action Plan so you can finish off your lead magnet and build your funnel. Watch Now!

Step 8 - Email Marketing Magic

  • Your Secret Weapon – Time to Choose

    Did you know there is a secret weapon out there which you MUST have to make money online? Watch to find out more!

  • Connecting Your Squeeze Page

    Let's connect our autoresponder so our squeeze page is ready to collect email leads. Watch now!

  • First Contact Email

    Next, we have to set up our first contact email. This is super easy and fast to do. Watch now!

  • Clarification – K.I.S.S

    This quick video will explain why I made this so simple and to the point. Don't worry, there is a LOT more email marketing training later in the Action Plan. Watch now!

  • Action Takers – Time for Action

    It's time for you to complete another task. You know what to do! Watch now!

Step 9 - Free Traffic Sources

  • Time Vs Reward vs Terms & Conditions

    Your time is your most precious asset. Do not squander it with an unorganized and unprofessional attitude. Watch now!

  • Social Media & YouTube Explained

    Let me explain why "social media" and YouTube are not part of these traffic sources. Watch now!

  • Reddit Traffic Avalanche

    Reddit is a monster traffic source. You have to follow the rules and be logical. Let's discuss how you can sue this platform for an avalanche of traffic. Watch now!

  • Quora Monsoon

    Quora is a wonderful place to get content ideas but also to brand yourself as an expert in your niche. You are trading time for traffic but if you do it right there is no limit here. Watch now!

  • Medium Explosion

    Medium is a great platform for those who want to blog on their own terms. You can use this in conjunction with your own blog as well for extra leverage. Watch now!

  • Practical Implementation

    Let's keep this simple. practical and realistic. Do not lose sight of your true business: YOUR WEBSITE! Watch now!

  • Action Takers – A Secret Revealed!

    You have more tasks waiting for you here. It is vital you complete these BEFORE you move on to Step 8. Follow along and build your business. Watch now!

Step 10 - An Optimized Website = Sales

  • Before We Start: Common Sense Alert

    Let me sprinkle some common sense on you here and give you a reality check. Watch Now!

  • Optimizing Your Theme

    Let's start by optimizing our theme on a basic level. This can be a fiddly process but follow along and you will do fine. Watch now!

  • Optimizing Your Site Speed

    Site speed is a minefield because it is incredibly technical and confusing. This will cover the basics so you can move forward with the Action Plan without delay. Watch now!

  • Optimizing Your Homepage

    Your homepage is one of your most popular pages, and most important. Let's get the basics set up so we can give you a good starting point. Watch now!

  • Optimizing Your Author Box

    Your author box is important so your visitors can see you as the authority. Let's get this set up right away. Watch now!

  • Optimizing Your Blog Posts & Post Template

    The templates on your site control how your pages and blog posts look. This tutorial will show you how to set your structure up correctly. Watch now!

  • Optimizing Your Call To Actions

    Sending traffic to your squeeze page is essential. Therefore you must have call-to-actions scattered around your pages and posts to act as a funnel. Watch now!

  • Tidying Up Loose Ends

    A few things have been missed. Let's tidy up the theme and bits we missed. Watch now!

  • Submitting A Support Ticket To Thrive Themes

    At some point you will get stuck, guaranteed! Your page builder will crash or show an error message. This happens to everyone. This is how you can get help and get any issue fixed fast. Watch now!

  • Task + Results From Google Search Console

    I have an important task for you and I want to show you how my website is beginning to grow. Google has indexed my blog posts and rankings are beginning to appear. Watch now!

Step 11 - YouTube Traffic Authority

  • I Hate My Voice And Cameras!

    Everyone hates the sound of their own voice, so get over it. I am a very introverted person and I loathe the sight of myself on camera, yet I still do it. Here is why... Watch now!

  • How to Market On YouTube

    In this lesson, you will learn how to market on YouTube and understand what NOT to do. Watch now!

  • How Does YouTube Fit Into Your Marketing Plan

    You can drive so much traffic from YouTube to your blog without much effort. This is how YouTube fits into the "big picture" of your business. Watch now!

  • Why YouTube Differs from Google

    Google differs from YouTube when it comes to "how you get traffic". This tutorial will show you why YouTube is such an amazing traffic source. Watch now!

  • What Tools You Need

    You do not need many tools or gadgets to become a YouTube success. Keeping things simple is the key. Watch now!

  • Creating A YouTube Channel

    Let's get our hands dirty and create our YouTube channel. Follow along with this tutorial and you can get your channel setup in less than 30 minutes! Watch now!

  • Keyword Research

    Researching keywords on YouTube is important, however it is NOT a be-all and end-all situation. Lead with your gut instinct and fail forward, that is the key! Watch now!

  • Competition Research

    Researching the competition does not matter and here is why... by failing forward you will understand this concept. Let's get going! Watch now!

  • Time to Make My First Video

    The time has come for me to make my first video. Let me show you my thought process here so you can see things from my perspective. Watch now!

  • Video SEO Optimization

    This is the longest and most important video in this module. Optimizing your videos is SO simple but people tend to miss this simple process. Follow along and this will become second nature very fast. Watch now!

  • Time For Action + Reflection

    Do it! Do it! Just do it! Time for you to take action and move forward! Watch now!

  • The Simple Traffic Blueprint

    If you are looking for an isolated YouTube strategy which you can delve into, then this course will really help you move along.  Watch now!

Step 12 - Taking Things To The Next Level

  • Increasing Your Traffic – What It Takes

    If you want to increase your traffic to your content, then this is the simplest answer I can give and it works like a charm! Watch now!

  • Increasing Niche Knowledge – What it Takes

    If you want to increase your niche knowledge and compound your growth then follow these simple rules. This works. Trust me. Otherwise you would not have found my training to begin with! Watch now!

  • Imperfect Action = Traffic, Leads & Sales

    Traffic, leads and sales come from your content and your growing niche knowledge. Are you seeing the connection? No, not a problem. Watch this tutorial to understand how compounding your niche knowledge will explode your growth. Watch now!

  • Time for Action & Massive Results

    Time for you to grow a pair of balls. Shoulder some responsibility and believe in yourself and your abilities. Complete these tasks to continue your business growth using the Action Plan. Watch now!

Step 13 - List Building & Call To Actions

  • Lists Explained

    This short video will explain what I mean when I say the word "lists". It does not always necessarily mean email subscribers. This will set the record straight. Watch Now!

  • Streamlined Traffic Flow

    Streamlining your traffic flow is the key to you moving FORWARD. Most people get this completely wrong and lose focus almost within days of starting online. Follow this tutorial to open your eyes. Watch Now!

  • Inserting Blog Call To Action

    Your blog posts need to have call to action to grow your list. Let's talk about how to do this so you can track conversions and optimize for lead growth.

    Watch Now!

  • Powerful Video Call To Actions

    Video call to action are important, but what do you link to? This tutorial will help you understand what content you link to and why. Watch Now!

  • Overall Growth & Development

    Let's talk about how your new understanding of list building will help you explode your growth rate with streamlined focus! Watch Now!

  • Time For Action & Tasks

    It is time for you to put this module into action. I have some tasks for you which you must complete if you want to proceed to the next module in the most effective way. Watch Now!

Step 14 - Making Commissions

  • Affiliate Programs

    There are way too many affiliate programs out there and a little common sense is needed to find the right one. Watch Now!

  • Newbie Mistakes: Warning

    Beginner marketers always stuff their sidebars and content with banners and affiliate links. This is incredibly naive and this is why it does not work. Watch Now!

  • When Do People Buy

    People need time to trust you. In this tutorial, I cover the timeline of someone becoming your buyer. This is an important lesson. Watch Now!

  • Offer Must Match Lead Magnet

    Your affiliate offer must offer a solution to the pain point of your audience. Let me show you what I mean. Watch Now!

  • Let’s Monetize Our Content

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to monetize your lead magnet delivery page. This may seem very basic but it work. Let me show you what I mean. Watch Now!

  • Understanding Big Picture

    The bigger pictures eludes most beginners. This contributes to their failure. Let's dive into this so you understand where you are going from here. Watch Now!

  • Massive Action Taking

    Imperfect action is essential. Most people say, "Yeah, yeah, I will do it tomorrow" and they do not understand why they NEVER move forward. Are you ready to take action? Watch Now!

Step 15 - Email Marketing Wizardry

  • Streamlining With Email Automation

    Let me give you an overview of what is going to happen in this modules. We are going to keep it as simple as possible so you can move forward. Watch Now!

  • 5 Day Automation – Overview

    Here is a clear overview of the 5 day promotional automation to help you make sales from your list as soon as possible. Watch Now!

  • 5 Day Automation – Bridge Page

    The bridge page is easy to make. Follow along and you can create a highly converting bridge page in no time. There are many different ways of doing this and the best way it to fail forward. Watch Now!

  • 5 Day Automation – Creating The Review

    Creating your review video for your offers can sometimes be a daunting tasks. Let me share a few tricks with you so you can move forward easier with less procrastination. Watch Now!

  • 5 Day Automation – Creating The Emails

    Writing emails can be a nightmare, especially in the beginning when you do not feel you know enough. This process is easier than you may think. Let me know you. Watch Now!

  • 5 Day Automation – Putting It All Together

    Let's put all the pieces together and link up our emails with the bridge page and add them all to the automation. Watch Now!

  • Broadcasting Guide

    Broadcasting is a very important aspect of your money making journey. This is where you build the long term relationship with your list. Watch Now!

  • Broadcasting Automation

    By using a simple automation you can heavily increase your open rates and increase your customer reach. Follow these steps to set this up in no time. Watch Now!

  • Broadcasting Schedule

    Having a solid schedule is important when sending broadcasts. You want your audience to get used to hearing from your at certain times in the week. Watch Now!

  • Broadcasting Ideas

    There is an endless amount of ideas and tricks when it comes to content you can use to send out to your list. Finding "stuff to broadcast" is remarkably easy once your experience grows. Watch Now!

Step 16 - Expanding Social Media Presence

  • Understanding Engagement & Algorithm

    Social media networks are advertising platforms. That is what they do, nothing more. Do not mix up the idea of them being a social site, it is not. Their primary focus is to sell ad space.

    You must understand that the organic reach on most social media platforms is really low. There is a LOT of noise on these platforms as you are competing for attention. Watch Now!

  • When Do you Start?

    By using common sense you can WAIT and leverage your future growth to jet-pack your social media growth. Watch Now!

  • Long Term Social Media Growth

    Do not fall into the trap of setting up a social media profile “just to do it”. Be practical and think hard about this. Are you “ready” to have a social media profile? If not, it is TOTALLY fine. You can come back later, when you have enough content, and set everything up when you feel ready. Watch Now!

  • Creating Engagement

    Usually, if you add a link to an external source to a social media post the organic reach is lower. To increase your reach, keep all content on the social media platform. For example, if I were to share a video, I would upload it directly to Facebook and NOT share the YouTube link. That will keep people on Facebook and increase the organic reach. Watch Now!

  • Time For Action + Tasks

    Comparing yourself to others is 100% natural. You should always look at others and seek inspiration BUT do NOT let it deflate you. When you look at a niche authority, appreciate that they are 10,000 hours ahead of you. Watch Now!

Step 17 - Outsourcing & Growing

  • Purpose Of Outsourcing

    The purpose of outsourcing is to save time so you can spend time on other areas of your business which you are stronger at. Watch Now!

  • Dangers & Plagiarism

    You are trying to "go cheap" when it comes to content creation or coders, you are heading for trouble. You get what you pay for! Watch Now!

  • Hiring Writers

    Hiring writers is hard because whoever you hire will most likely not share your own perspective on your niche. Watch Now!

  • Hiring Graphic Design

    Hiring a graphic designer is easy. Requires very little input from you and saves a LOT of time. Watch Now!

  • Hiring Video Editors

    Here is a fantastic guide on how to hire from Upwork. Watch Now!

  • Hiring Social Media Virtual Assistant

    To find a good assistant you need to "post a job" with a detailed description of your business, needs and criteria for someone who is applying. Watch Now!

  • Essential Tasks Ahead

    The chances are you are NOT ready to hire any kind of freelancer... HOWEVER.... I want you to try and hire a freelancer so you can broaden your horizons. Watch Now!

  • [JumpStart Workshop] Hiring writers like a PRO

    Every month, as part of the Taking Action Online membership, Philip hosts LIVE workshops to share implementation strategies, secret tips and more. Watch Now!

Step 18 - Creating Your Own Product

  • Product Creation Funnel: Overview

    This tutorial will give you an overview of the entire process of creating your own product. This is not an easy task but keep it simple and chances are, you can have your own product for sale in no time. Watch Now!

  • Are You Ready To Create Your Own Product?

    Chances are you are NOT ready to create your own product yet. Watch this video to decide if you feel you are ready. Even if you are not ready to start this module, you should still watch it so you understand the process. Watch Now!

  • Criteria For Any Product

    Here is the KEY criteria you need to think about for any product you create. Watch Now!

  • What Can I Create To Sell?

    You need to keep things simple in the beginning. Here are the simplest things you can create. Watch Now!

  • Identifying Pain Points

    This step is identical to Step 7 where we already identified the pain points of your audience. Watch Now!

  • Creating A Product - Checklists

    Creating checklists is super simple. Do not overthink this process. Watch Now!

  • Creating A Product - Reports/Guides

    Follow these simple instructions and you will understand how to create a report or guide which you can sell. Watch Now!

  • Creating A Product - Video Course

    Video courses are very easy to create and super effective. Watch Now!

  • Creating Sales Page

    Sales pages are very important. Chances are you do not have $1000's to spend on a professional copywriter or designer. Keep it short and simple... Watch Now!

  • Setting Up A Members Area

    Setting up a membership platform is as complicated as you make it. If you try to combine too many plugins then you will over complicate this process. Watch Now!

  • Connecting A Payment Processor

    Delve deeper into Thrive YouTube channel and explore the MANY tutorials they have for you. Watch Now!

  • Live Examples - Connecting All The Dots

    The more plugins you have the more complicated it becomes. Watch Now!

  • [JumpStart Workshop] Product Creation From Start To Finish

    Every month, as part of the Taking Action Online membership, Philip hosts LIVE workshops to share implementation strategies, secret tips and more. Watch Now!

Step 19 - Paid Traffic + Scaling = Making More Money

  • What Are Discovery Ads?

    In this video you'll discover what Discovery Ads are, how they can be used, and why they're a powerful alternative to the more popular "in-stream" YouTube ads. Watch Now!

  • Goals For Discover Ads

    In this video you'll learn the 4 goals that work best for Discovery Ads. Watch Now!

  • Discovery Ads Targeting 101

    In this video you'll learn about the structure of your campaign, and how your videos can get into different targeting options. Watch Now!

  • Anatomy Of A Discovery Ad

    In this video you'll see an overview of the 4 components of an effective Discovery Ad. Watch Now!

  • Campaign Setup Walkthrough

    In this over-the-shoulder video you'll see the entire campaign come together. Watch Now!

  • 14 Day Case Study

    Watch JayKay walk you through the initial results of the campaign, the metrics to watch for, how to view the important details from your campaign, and how to improve your overall results. Watch Now!

  • Action Takers Assemble

Step 20 - Going Full-Time

  • Rinse & Repeat - Falling In Love With Boring

    The only way to move forward is to fall in love with the notion of rinsing and repeating. Watch Now!

  • Taxes

    Unfortunately, we have to pay taxes. Sucks, right??. I cannot give you tax advice, I am not an accountant or a lawyer, so keep track of your income and expenses to keep your records straight from day one. This video is a super simplified cash flow/tax spreadsheet to illustrate your potential income and taxes. Watch Now!

  • Networking & Outreaching

    Networking with other marketers has HUGE potential for your business growth. Here are a few things you can do if you make some connections. Watch Now!

  • Family Support

    Do NOT let other people's attitude deflate or derail you in any way. Your friends and family are likely to not understand what you do, and are therefor likely to make fun of your progress and drag you down. Watch Now!

  • Practical Financial Planning

    You have to plan your finances. This module is the most import one to become a full-time marketer. Make sure you understand this video. Watch Now!

  • Re-Investing

    You must re-invest in yourself to make your business grow faster. Re-investing in yourself has a great effect on you and your business. Watch Now!

  • Leap Of Faith

    Taking the leap of faith is by far the most exciting and terrifying thing you will do. But it can be SOOO worth it. However... Watch Now!

  • [JumpStart Workshop] How To Go Full-Time - Uncover The Secrets

    Every month, as part of the Taking Action Online membership, Philip hosts LIVE workshops to share implementation strategies, secret tips and more. Watch Now!