Setting Up My CRM Support TIcketing System In Agency Accounts

The Step By Step Onboarding Checklist


Getting Started

  • Connect A Domain
    1. Go to settings > domains > press "+Add New Domain"
    2. Add a subdomain example: "" you'll need to access your DNS settings
    3. Go to > Access MYCRMSUPPORT.COM
    4. Add CNAME record with "BusinessName" of Agency
    5. Use flashfunnels URL for CNAME
  • Connect SMTP & Mailgun Service

    If using Mailgun as SMTP Service

    1. Settings > SMTP and Mailgun Service > Select "Default Provider"
    2. Add Forwarding Address: (This can be multiple emails or a single email where all emails coming into CRM are forwarded to)
    3. Add BCC: If you'd like to have emails be BCC'd to another inbox add those here
    4. Enable "Forward to Assigned User" this forwards emails to the user assigned to the particular contact
    5. Press "SAVE"
  • Add New Users

    Ask Agency Owner to Add

    1. New ADMIN Agency user > Under Agency View > Settings > Team Management
    2. First Name: Support
    3. Last Name: Team
    4. Email: [AgencyBusinessName]
    5. Password: Agencybusinessname###!

    Go to settings > Team Management

    1. Add Employee
    2. Enter user info as much as readily available
    3. Assign a temporary password
    4. Define User Permissions to Enable [For non-Admins Disable: Campaigns, Triggers, Online Listings, Settings, Tags, Marketing, Funnels, Bulk Requests]
    5. Select User Role
    6. SAVE
    7. Fore the remaining information each user will need to follow the "User Settings Checklist Column"

  • Export Link

User Settings

  • Profile > Personal Data

    Go to settings > Profile

    1. Add headshot photo (optional)
    2. Make sure name is spelled correctly
    3. Make sure email is correct
    4. Add Phone Number > NOTE: this phone number will be used to forward calls to this number anytime this user is assigned to a contact in the CRM [DO NOT EXTENSION]
    5. Press "UPDATE PROFILE"
  • Connect Google Calendar

    Go to Settings > Profile

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the page under Calendar Configuration
    2. Add Primary Calendar
    3. Select Conflict Calendars

  • Connect Zoom (if using zoom)

    Go to settings > Profile

    1. Scroll down to bottom of the page
    2. Under integrations "Connect Zoom"

  • Update User Availability

    Go to settings > Profile

    1. Scroll down towards the bottom
    2. Under "User Availability" (Relates to when the user is available to take appointments)
    3. Select Meeting Location: Zoom or Custom (Custom can be a location address, a message, or a permanent online meeting link)
  • Add Email Signature

    Go to settings > Profile

    1. Scroll towards the bottom
    2. Under Email Signature
    3. "Check" Enable Signature on All Outgoing Messages
    4. "Check" Include this signature before quoted text in replies
    5. Add email signature or see below for a shortcut

    If your email already has an existing email signature

    1. Go to your email > copy the current signature text/logo everything as is
    2. Go to
    3. Paste the signature on left box
    4. Copy to HTML code in the right box
    5. Now go to CRM > Email Signature
    6. Press the "< > " Source Code button
    7. Paste the HTML code here > Press OK
    8. Press "SAVE"
  • Connect Google, FB & Stripe

    Go to settings > integrations

    1. Connect Google Analytics (if there is an analytics account otherwise skip)
    2. Connect Google My Business > Enable GMB Messaging (Do Not Enable Call Tracking)
    3. Connect Facebook > Enable Facebook Messenger
    4. Connect Stripe Account

More Settings

  • Connect Funnels

    On the left Menu Bar > Funnels and Websites > Funnels

    1. Edit each funnel > Go to Settings
    2. Under Domain > Select subdomain URL
    3. If favicon is available add Favicon URL [otherwise skip]
    4. Press SAVE
  • Add Custom Values

    Go to settings > Custom Values

    1. Update all custom value fields with appropriate values
  • Get URL from Funnels

    Grab URL link from funnels for

  • Add Custom Menu Link

    Switch to Agency View


    Custom Menu Link

    Link Icon: wrench

    Link Name: Create Support Ticket

    PASTE LINK URL here from Funnels