Shiny Object Detector Checklist

If you check off 5 or more items on this checklist, that's on any sales page, then there's a VERY GOOD chance it's a shiny object.


What's On The Sales Page?

  • Screenshots of "Income Proof"

    Does the sales page show screenshots of profits made, which aren't backed up with any real proof?

    Do they look like they could have been created with an image editor?

    Are they there just to hype up the product?

  • Selling a Lifestyle or Dream, Instead of a Service or Tool*

    Does the sales page use a lot of emotional triggers to get you excited about using the product?

    Does it use words like:

    • Quit your job
    • Leave your 9 - 5
    • Spend more time with your family while making passive income
    • Be happy and get out of your miserable existence
    • Image living life on your own terms

    *Note: Not all emotional triggers mean it's a shiny object. There are many honest products which can use them as well. It's just a sales angle some may use, and there's nothing wrong with that.

    But... if it's combined with other items on this checklist, it's a warning sign to be sure!

  • Fake countdown Timers That Refresh*

    Does the sales page have a countdown timer that resets when you refresh the page?

    *Note: If the vendor is using a free page builder, it may not have the ability to actually count down.

    But again, 99% of all shiny object sales pages use fake countdown timers, so you don't have to feel pressured to buy!

  • Promises of “Guaranteed” Rewards....

    Does the sales page promise you:

    • Passive income
    • Autopilot traffic
    • Followers
    • Leads

    Check the wording carefully. Are they implying their product guarantees results?

    No legitimate service will ever guarantee any results of any kind!

  • Unrealistic Claims of Origin

    Does the product or service claim to be the "first of its kind"?

    Do they claim it's "never been seen before"?

    There is rarely anything new under the sun. Especially for $12.95, 🤣

  • Luxury Items

    Is the vendor showing you any luxury items to distract you?

    Do you see fancy cars, women, Rolex watches, or expensive homes?

What Does Google Say?

  • Are Testimonials Repeated?

    Go to Google and search for previous products by that vendor.

    Use search terms like:

    • (vendor name) muncheye
    • (vendor name) products

    Are the testimonials the same as those on older sales pages?

    Is the wording the same on multiple sales pages, or the names of the people giving the testimonies?

    99% of the time, these testimonials are other marketers "just helping out".

    You can also find these vendors on Facebook, and if you can get inside any of their private "mastermind" groups, you will hear what other customers are complaining about.

  • Are "Income Proof" Screenshots Reused?

    Go to Google, and search for previous products by the vendor.

    Use search terms like:

    • (vendor name) muncheye
    • (vendor name) products

    Check the screenshots on the other sales pages. Are they the same?

    Often times, these vendors are too lazy to create new images, and simply reuse the screenshots from older sales pages.

  • Are The Vendors Serial Launchers?

    Go to Google, and search for previous products by the vendor.

    Use search terms like:

    • (vendor name) Muncheye
    • (vendor name) products

    On Muncheye, click on the vendor's name to see a list of their past and future scheduled launches.

    Do they launch a product every month? Twice a month? Every 2nd month?

    If so, they are a serial launcher, they usually don't provide good support to their customers.

    The products aren't maintained and often come offline in a year or so.

  • Do The Legal Page Links Work?

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the legal pages such as:

    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms & Conditions
    • Affiliate or Income Disclaimers

    Do the links work?

    Are they for the correct product?

    Many vendors are lazy and leave them dead, or link to an older product launch.

    Legally, they are required to have working links to the RIGHT product or service.

What Does Your Common Sense Tell You?

  • Have You Dealt With Vendor Before?

    Have you purchased something from this vendor before?

    • Did the product work as promised?
    • Did you receive support when needed?
    • Did they honour their "guaranteed" refund policy?

    If you answered NO to any of these questions, DO NOT purchase from them again!

  • What Do Other Reviews Say?

    Check Google and Youtube for product reviews.

    DO NOT look at those that only promote the product. They will say anything to make money!

    Check the negative reviews and listen to what they say.

    • Are the points valid?
    • Do they provide documentation to prove their points?
    • Are they showing you how the product works (or doesn't work) from the inside?
  • Are You Paying For A "One-Time Fee" Service?

    There are many products you should never buy for a one-time fee. And NEVER EVER pay a one-time fee for:

    • Hosting providers
    • Email autoresponders
    • Video hosting
    • Webinar software

    Tools like this require a LOT of upkeep and bandwidth, which requires monthly premiums to pay for it.

    One-time fee services are cheap for a reason. They're unreliable and never maintained.

    This will only damage your growth as a marketer!

  • Are You Justifying The Price?

    It's very common for people to think... "yeah, but it's only $14.95".

    It's cheap for a reason. It's to get you inside the sales funnel where:

    • They convince you to buy the "unlimited" version.
    • They tell you it can all be "done for you".
    • They'll provide more tools to help 10X your profits.
    • They'll tell you to start a business by reselling the product as your own.
    • Etc...

    It's never worth your time and money! Don't get sucked in!

  • Do You Believe Everything The Sales Page Says?

    Sales pages are designed to sell. Even good products do this.

    Always take a sales page with a pinch of salt.

    • Consider what it says.
    • Do the benefits meet your needs?
    • Does it show signs of being a "shiny object"?

    Make sure to go through all three sections on this checklist to help you make an informed decision, OK?