How to Be Productive and Avoid Procrastination

Become a pro at getting all your work done on time without the need to procrastinate.


Knowing Procrastination

  • Learn the Cycle

    Procrastination happens because you feel too bad to work. This only makes you feel worse.

  • Find Your Triggers

    What is it that sets off your procrastination? Is it a thought? A notification Or an activity?

  • Notice Behaviors

    What do you do when procrastinating? How do you recover from it? What does your day look like?

Avoiding Procrastination

  • Calm Yourself

    Worrying only increases the problem. Slow down and give yourself time to breathe. Think clearly.

  • Don’t Be Too Hard or Soft

    Don’t over criticize your actions but don’t be completely lax either. Take the middle road for yourself

  • List Your Goals

    What do you want to get done or achieve in the near future? Put down goals to remember.

  • Use Thought Interruptions

    As soon you have procrastination thought, interrupt it by getting up and doing your assigned task.

Being Productive

  • Plan Out Your Day

    Keeping a day to day eye on things will help you keep track of what you do and what you plan to do.

  • Work on One Thing at a Time

    Don’t let the burden accumulate on you. Take it one step at a time by focusing on singular tasks first.

  • Set Reminders

    Set reminders on your phone to reminder you to get tasks done. This way you will never forget.

  • Avoid Distractions

    Keep things that distract you away from out of sight and out of mind. You will enable a better focus.

Planning Ahead

  • Make a Week Long Schedule

    A week long schedule is an extension of day to day planning. It helps keeps things on track longer.

  • Set a Day Off

    Some days you want to relax and kick back. Set which days those will be for the coming week.

  • Solve Problems First

    It’s easy to get procrastinated when you have hurdles in the way. Resolve them first so you clear up.

  • Invest in Yourself

    Some procrastination can come as a result of feeling incapable. Avoid it by investing in your skills.

  • Don’t be Discouraged

    Some days will be worse than others. Use them as a learning moment rather than being discouraged

  • Ask for Advice

    It’s possible that your close ones know how to deal with problems that you face. Ask them about it.