Simple Income Accelerator

Instantly 10x List Engagement & Sales

With A Simple Hack


Concept & Strategy

You’re satisfying your audience's emotional needs.

  • Hooks & Encouraging Engagement

    Ask for engagement with questions and talking points, on any platform where your audience lives.

  • Value Video Accelerators

    Engaging your audience with short, personalized videos helps to create loyalty and long-term income.

  • Value First

    Do not sell… just help!

    These quick little videos are to build relationships, only!

  • Relationship Building

    This will help you stand out from the crowd.

    Your audience will start coming to you more often because they're learning to trust you.


Fast, easy, and very effective!!

  • Use Any Screencapture Software

    I highly recommend Screencast O Matic because it's easy and dirt cheap!

    Screencast O Matic has many Tutorials & How-to’s for you to watch.

  • Use Personalized Videos

    Use the videos anywhere you can engage with your audience.

    • Create a poll on Facebook and answer the questions with a video.
    • Answer questions in emails with embedded videos.
    • Answer support tickets with a video.
    • Send a video to software support with your question.

Encouraging Engagement

This can be done with blogging, on your YouTube channel, on social media platforms, forums, etc...

  • Ask Questions

    Sometimes the simplest of questions are the best...

    • Where are you from?
    • What are you struggling with?
    • How can I help you?
  • Create Talking Points

    This can be anything you think that person would be interested in.

    • Ask about current trends.
    • Ask if the program is helping them.

    Click here for additional rapport-building questions.

  • Ask For Feedback

    This can apply to any sort of content.

    • Did you enjoy this course?
    • Did you enjoy this video?
  • What Are Others Doing?

    Check out your competition, and other channels in your niche to see what they’re doing.

Long Term Passive Income

Your audience will love you!

  • Fast & Easy

    This strategy requires no technical abilities.

    And it take no time to implement.

  • Don't Wait!

    Start right away, even with just a few followers or small email list.

  • Go Above & Beyond

    If you go above & beyond, your audience will love you.

    • You become the authority.
    • They will value your opinion.
    • This builds trust.
    • This builds loyalty.
  • Trust Is Earned

    Now that you have their attention, they will open future emails and buy again and again when you're promoting something.

Turbo Charge Affiliate Marketing Success

Powerful information for all affiliate marketers.

  • Focus

    Focus all your attention on one strategy.

    Commit for 6 months to 1 year.

  • Be Realistic

    Set realistic expectations.

    Think long-term!

  • Taking Action Online

    Commit to “Taking Action Online” for honest and step-by-step training.

    If you’re a member of TAO, use the chat and feed for accountability and encouragement.

  • Schedule Your Day

    Use the Pomodoro Technique to schedule your day.

  • Fail Forward
  • Mentorship

    If you're not a member of TAO, find a mentor and a community to help you along your journey.